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Homescapes Hack and Homescapes Cheats | Get Free Stars and Coins

Homescapes Hack and Homescapes Cheats – Get Free Stars and Coins

Homescapes is one of very few games listed as Editor’s Choice in Google Play. It is a popular game for both the Android and iOS platforms and millions of people play this game on their phones or tablets. The game is free to download from Google Play Store or iOS App Store and like all free games on Google Play Store and iOS App Store, Homescapes have some game currencies that can be used for in-app purchases. These game valuables or game currencies can be earned, bought or you can use Homescapes Hack and Homescapes Cheats to get more game currencies.

Homescapes hack stars and coins

Get Stars And Coins

What Homescapes Game Currencies or Valuables Can You Earn With Homescapes Hack & Homescapes Cheats?

Homescapes game is a task based game which means, you progress in the game as you complete the tasks. The puzzles in Homescapes can get you more game valuables and the game valuables can be used to complete the tasks. These game valuables are stars and coins. We will talk about this game play and rules later on the content. For now, let’s talk about coins and stars in Homescapes.

a.  Homescapes Coin

Coins in Homescapes are the most common valuable or game currency. These coins are used to play or solve the puzzle. Without the coins, you cannot start a puzzle or game that would lead you to the completion of a task.

b. Homescapes Star

The Homescapes Stars are very rare and you only get it by completing puzzle games. With these stars, you get to complete the tasks in to-do list.

How can you get Homescapes coins & stars?

As you know by now, you cannot progress in Homescapes unless you have the coins or stars and here are three ways you can earn Homescapes coins and Homescapes stars.

I. Play the game for Homescapes Coins & Stars

The traditional way to earn coins and stars in Homescapes is by playing or solving the puzzles. But this is time-consuming. And to progress rapidly in this game, you need more than regular timely coins and stars.

Get Stars And Coins

II. Buy the Homescapes Coins and Stars

If you don’t want to spend hoursplaying the game to earn coins and stars, you can always buy them using your credit card or other payment methods accepted by Google or Apple in your country. However, as you know, it would make a dent in your wallet. Besides, how much can you spend on Game Currencies? So, it is not a long-term viable solution. That brings to the last and most efficient way you can get free Homescapes coins and stars.

III. Get Free Stars and Coins with Homescapes Hack and Homescapes Cheats

If you don’t want to spend hours collecting or earning Homescapes stars and coins by solving puzzles and completing tasks or don’t want to spend money on the game valuables, then the only viable solution is to use Homescapes hacks and Homescapes cheats. The code you generate from Homescapes hack and cheat can be used to redeem coins and stars for game progress.

Why should you use Homescapes Hack and Homescapes Cheats?

Here’s why you should use Homescapes Hack and Homescapes Cheats to get Coins and Stars.

1.   Homescapes Hack & Cheats are free

If you can’t win or earn the coins and stars from puzzles and tasks in Homescapes, you will have to buy them with a credit card or other forms of payment method available in your country. But with Homescapes Hack and Homescapes Cheats, you can get the coins and stars completely free.

2.  More Stars and Coins means more renovation as in more progress in Homescapes game

If you have played Homescapes, you know that for every task, like changing the carpet or getting a new sofa, you will need a star or several stars to progress in the game. So, without the coins and stars, you wouldn’t be able to move forward in the game. Thankfully, Homescapes Hack and Homescapes Cheats can help you get more coins and stars without spending any money, which means more in-game progress.

Get Stars And Coins

3.  You can decide how much Homescapes coins or stars you want

With this, you can choose the limit of rewards. The limit can be set according to your needs. For stars, you can choose between 1000 stars, 5000 stars and 10,000 stars.As for the coins, you can choose anything between 1,00,000 coins, 5,00,000 coins and 10,00,000 coins.

4.  You can get free stars and coins anytime you want

For coin and star rewards, you can use Homescapes cheats and Homescapes hack anytime you want. Besides, there are no limits to how many times you can get rewards using Homescapes hack and Homescapes cheats.

How to get Free Coins and Stars from Homescapes Hack and Homescapes Cheats?

Now that you know the benefits and perks of gettingfree coins and starsusing Homescapes hack and Homescapes cheats, it’s time I tell you how easy it is to get the codes to redeem Homescapes stars and coins.

Follow these simple steps to get your free coins and stars for Homescapesgame on Android and iOS platform –

Step 1 – Register with Email Address or Username

The very first step is to register for the Homescapes hack code. You’ll need a username or an email address to register. However, don’t worry, the platform is safe and encrypted. The platform is perfectly safe and secure.

Get Stars And Coins

Step 2 – Set the coins and stars reward limit

As I have mentioned earlier, you can set up the limit of your rewards. For the coins, you can choose anything between 1,00,000 coins, 5,00,000 coins and 10,00,000 coins. And as for the stars, you can choosebetween 1000 stars, 5000 stars and 10,000 stars.

Once you have set the reward limit, click on generate.

Step 3 – Generate codes for Homescapes stars and coins and enjoy the rewards

Once you are done with the verification or survey, you will be able to generate the codes for Homescapes coins and stars. And now, all you’ll have is to enjoy the game.

How long will it take to get free coins and Stars from Homescapes Cheats and Homescapes Hack?

The entire process is not that long. As soon as you finish with the username, setting the limit, you can earn the coins and stars. You’ll get the coins and stars as a code that you’ll be able to use in the Homescapes game for in-game purchases.

What can you do with the Homescapes Stars & Coins codes you get from Homescapes Hack and Homescapes Cheats?

1.  Buy Homescapesin-game items – Coin &Star

As most people will, you can use the code to redeem stars and coins for the Homescapes game on both Android and iOS platforms. You can use the stars and coins to progress in the game quicker.

2.  Trade for codes usable in other games

Sometimes, many people collect the codes for different games and trade them with game code collectors. You can do the same. And if you are thinking of a place where you can trade the codes, there are lots of community and groups available where code collector hangout. When you get a hang of one such community or group, you can exchange the codes for Homescapes coins and stars with someone for codes of other games.

3.  Gift the coin & cash generating code to your family & friends

Do you know anyone in your family or friends who lovesplaying Homescapes? Well, if they love Homescapes, they will appreciate the code for Homescapes coins and stars for sure. So, surprise them with the codes generated from Homescapes hack and Homescapes cheats.

The Gameplay for Homescapes

The game story or game play is about a butler, Austin, who needs to take his home from Childhood to its original glory. Just, his parent needs to sell the childhood home since it is old and looks dusty. In any case, Austin doesn’t need it. To reevaluate the decision of his parents about the choice, he is concentrating on renovating or redecorating. To purchase all the renovating or redecorating stuff, you’ll need Homescapes stars and coins.

You can gather the 2 game currencies or game valuables by settling three tile puzzles. Both are truly significant and you can get it by Homescapes hack and cheats as well. It will help progress in the game quicker and assist you with the redecorating or renovating.

Get Stars And Coins

How To Play Homescapes?

Homescapes is an energizing and engaging internet game created or developed by PlayrixGames. The game is basically founded on the types of Puzzle Match 3, where the objective of the players is clear each level. It offers lively illustrations, an assortment of modes, energizing story and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The game’s story is essentially that players must help the Butler, Austin to remodel the home. To make the gameplay all the more energizing, somewhat addictive and new highlights have been included.

The gameplay is basically solving puzzles. When you solve a puzzle, you get stars and coins. And using the star, you can complete the renovating tasks like, changing the carpet or changing the bed or cleaning the floors. As you finish the household renovating chores, you start to progress to higher levels and move ahead in the game.

Boosters and Power-Ups in Homescapes

As you know, Homescapes is basically a game based on puzzle solving and task completion. For completing the tasks, you need to complete the puzzle and stars. However, the turns or moves to puzzle piece movement are limited. So, you need to finish the puzzle with as few moves as possible. In this situation, the Boosters or the Power Up can be a big help. There are basically 4 types of Power Ups and Boosters.

1.  Rocket Power Up

Rocket Power Ups are easy to get with 4 similar tile matches. But they are very efficient because they can take out all the tiles either vertically or horizontally, depending on the rocket’s position.

2.  Paper Airplane

Paper Airplane is somewhat rare to get. However, if you can get 4 similar tiles in a square position. And when you get the paper airplane, you can double tap it and the surrounding tiles will be dealt with. Not only that, the paper airplane will fly to a distant tile and destroy it too.

3.  Bomb

Bomb is undoubtedly the best power up or booster and the most powerful. When you get 5 tiles to sit simultaneously, you get this Bomb booster or power up. But it must be L shaped. And when you use the Bomb power up or booster in Homescapes, all the tiles within 2 square radius gets destroyed. So, make sure you don’t get or place the bomb near a wall. You will only get the best of this booster if its somewhere in the middle. This way, they can take out the greatest number of tiles.

Get Stars And Coins

4.  Rainbow Ball

If you can get 5 simultaneous tiles in a column or row, you can get a Rainbow Ball. With this Rainbow Ball booster, you can destroy all the tiles of a particular kind.

Find Friends in Homescapes from Facebook

Yes, like most games, you can connect to your Facebook friends and see how much they are progressing or where do you fit in your friend’s circle.

And don’t worry, if you think you are far behind, you can use Homescapes hack and Homescapes cheats to get as many coins and stars you want. Since more coins and stars mean more task completion, you’ll be able to reach at the top of your friend list pretty soon.

Bottom Line

Using the Homescapes Cheats and Homescapes Hack, you can get free Stars and Coins to make the progress fast and effortless. Besides, getting the coins and stars for Homscapes using Homescapes hacks and cheats is very easy. So what are you waiting for!

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